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Nanchang Oriscene Garden Hotel is located on Minde Road, Nanchang, close to the pedestrian street of the central business district, stands on the bank of Fuhe River, adjacent to Tengwang Pavilion, the first of the three famous buildings in Jiangnan, with a pleasant environment and convenient transportation. The hotel is 30 minutes away from Changbei International Airport and only 10 minutes to the train station. It is the preferred place for businessmen and tourists who are discerning. It allows you to indulge in the quiet and elegant atmosphere while enjoying the prosperity of modern cities In.

Nanchang Oriscene Garden Hotel is an investment and meticulously built by Oriental Industrial Group, which integrates catering, accommodation, business, fitness, and entertainment. It covers a total area of 42 acres, a building area of 65,000 square meters, and a 26-storey building. Luxurious and elegant.

Nanchang Oriscene Garden Hotel has rooms with very different design styles, non-smoking floors and executive floors, 800 square meters of presidential suites, luxurious design, originality, grace and luxury, bringing distinguished enjoyment to VIPs, which is the best in the city. 50% of the hotel rooms are facing the beautiful Ganjiang River, with high-end facilities. The hotel's own parking lot and underground parking lot can park 300 vehicles at the same time. Greenery and fountains complement each other; the combination of simple and elegant traditional cultural atmosphere and modern high-end facilities is an ideal place for guests at home and abroad, such as accommodation, tourism, commerce, office, conference negotiations, and wedding celebrations.

Nanchang Oriscene Garden Hotel Chinese restaurant on the second and third floors has 24 luxury boxes with different European and Chinese styles, elegant decoration and original design. It can accommodate 1,200 people for dining at the same time. The hotel specially hires famous chefs from Hong Kong, Guangdong, Zhejiang, and Gan, mainly engaged in high-end Cantonese cuisine, Hangzhou cuisine and Gan cuisine. The 'Mile' cafeteria on the first floor can accommodate about 120 people for meals. It provides customers with various packages and scattered services. The restaurant's open file design meets your culinary wonders. It is a casual meeting and group dining. Office. Adhering to the Yamato tradition, the Japanese-style grill restaurant focuses on grilling and frying fresh seafood and fresh vegetables. The sophisticated and comfortable dining pattern allows you to bloom while enjoying the unique exotic food. The 'Yijing' revolving western restaurant has a 360-degree rotation, which provides a panoramic view of the hero city. It can accommodate 150-180 people for dining. It is the first choice for couples whispering, business gatherings, and leisure viewing.

Nanchang Oriscene Garden Hotel has 11 luxurious ballrooms and meeting rooms. The multi-functional banquet ha