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Jiangxi nanchang west lake the lees and four 4 a grade scenic spot are delisting: three review is not up to standard

Date: 2019-11-04

On November 3, the reporter learns from culture and tourism office in jiangxi province, nanchang west lake the lees, ganzhou gourd farm, ganzhou three current feng shui culture tourist area, yingtan, causeway bay, such as four national 4 a grade scenic spot are delisting.The four scenic area at the provincial office of culture and tourism organization three times are not up to standard in the review.

According to introducing, in August last year, the provincial office of culture and tourism organization check in for the first time, the four scenic spot because of substandard housing was a serious warning and rectification within 6 months, in August of this year when the second check is still not up to standard.On October the third review of the investigations, the four scenic area is still not the rectification in place.Problems involving four scenic spot management, service and so on, mainly includes the security responsibility to carry out the solid, no environmental health is unqualified, tourist traffic is not up to standard, etc.

It is understood that the current ongoing quality tourism scenic spots in jiangxi province pioneer action plan in three years, every year A level scenic spot check work, each year an unspecified number of quality decline in serious scenic area, in 2020, gradually achieve the province's a-class tourist scenic spot of total amount control, dynamic management.